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I am a lesbian and my partner has just been diagnosed with

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I am a lesbian and my partner has just been diagnosed with hpv, I've had a Pap smear last year and came back clear, she's had them before but came back clear and now it's presented. She's never had intercourse with a man but I have over 10 years ago but protected. Could she have got it from me but I have no symptoms or could it have laid dormant in her since her last partner?
Hpv is a very contagious virus, which is spread by skin to skin contact.I assume that the hpv was detected during a Pap smear. Usually an hpv test is only done when the Pap smear comes back with abnormal changes.Hpv can be spread by fingers and probably by sex toys, so it can spread during lesbian sex.There is usually no way to know where a person gets hpv. If she hasn't had any other partner for the past 10 years, it seems more likely that she got the hpv from you. However, there is also a chance that the hpv could have laid dormant in her for 10 years.
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