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I had sex on 19/03/16. Sex was protected however

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Hi i had sex on 19/03/16. Sex was protected however for free minutes my partner was inside me without condom. On 20/03/16. I had my peroid normal peroid 4 day. Since i have finished my peroid my right breast feels tender stomach rumbling and abdonimal pains also pooing a bit. I have recently started taking vitamin b and c true food b complex. Please help what could this be. Also i dont eat very healthy recently i have been eating all yhe wrong foods
Hello from JustAnswer. The most likely cause of these symptoms would be a viral infection. A viral infection is certainly the most common cause of abdominal pain of short duration, and also will frequently cause rumbling and alter bowel movements, ven frank diarrhea. A virus can also cause diffuse aches, which can be anywhere, including the chest. It is possible that someone can have GI side effect from a B complex mega dose vitamin supplement, but it is actually much more common to have a viral infection. Some people that follow a poor diet also can have GI symptoms, but this would typically cause chronic symptoms, not symptoms of short duration. Since you include comments on your recent sexual encounters, then you may be concerned about pregnancy causing the breast symptoms. However, a sexual encounter one day before your period could not get you pregnant. The only way that you could be pregnant would be if you had a sexual encounter about two weeks before your period. If you did have a sexual encounter at that time, the normal period on 20/03/16 would make pregnancy very unlikely, but not impossible, since woman rarely can have a single period early in the pregnancy. So, at this point, it is reasonable to manage this as a viral infection, including drinking plenty of fluids and using paracetamol to help with the pain. If the symptoms resolve spontaneously over the next few days, as would be expected with a viral infection, then that would confirm that this is the cause. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance. If you would like my assistance with any future questions, I can be reached through my profile at
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