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Well I.tried but machine crashed. Only background history anyway. Sorry

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Well I.tried but machine crashed. Only background history anyway.
Sorry it is late...
I was last Tuesday been charged with drinking and driving.
Police gained access thru my open back door. I'd driven late noon.
Id been in huge dental pain (documented) I'd been on 3 errands -totally alcohol free, my 3rd stop was to purchase alcohol for the relief of my gum problems on return. I doused my painful gums and drank scotch with a coke (hate the taste of neat)as soon as I got in, I WAS IN MY PAJAMAS when they arrived.
The sotch was in the cabinet, They could have checked it.
My questions are these:-
1. I was not breathalyzed on site.
Due to inflammation of my gums many sleepless nights (apart from painkillers) I took no alcohol from 20.30 ish the night before. The Police ceased my mouth medicines. They eventually gave me my mouth numbing gel - after hours of begging in cell. They have not returned my mouthwashes.
I had news that Tuesday that my cousin had suffered a brain hemorrhage abroad. I was upset and in dental pain nevertheless in full control.
Someone has reported my driving as " irractic " -I refute that. I live on a narrow rural road I was travelling at below the speed limit, having living here for over some 10 years -I am well aware that is room for 2 small cars comfortably.
2,My Police Station breathalyzed me(only managed one given my mouth inflammation - was 72 - no surprise given 2 home poured drinks. I was blood tested. No doubt that will be poor - given the home consumption.
3.Can you explain NIL alcohol past 8.30 pm and the home poured alcohol in units
Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.
Hello from JustAnswer. It is not clear what questions you were asking for questions 1 & 2, as they both contain more information about your history. However, for question 3, the concept of alcohol units has been introduced to be able to show equivalence among various alcohol products. One unit of alcohol is the amount of any alcoholic beverage that contains 10 ml of pure alcohol. Of course, the amount of each alcoholic beverage would depend upon the alcohol content of that beverage. For Scotch, the most common alcohol content is 40%, but there are some brands that contain a higher alcohol content. If the Scotch that you drank was 40% alcohol content, then 25 ml of that Scotch would be one unit of alcohol. If each of the two home poured drinks contained 25 ml of Scotch that is 40% alcohol, then you would have had two units of alcohol. If you were asking in question 2 whether a level of 72 is consistent with the two drinks that you had at home, the answer is yes, although there are other factors that influence blood alcohol levels, including the period of time over which you drank the alcohol and your weight. Could you clarify what question you were asking in question 1 and whether there was another question that you were asking in question 2?
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.
I have not heard back regarding clarification of any other information that you are seeking. Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance.