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I have a low caecel ph (ph - 5) and an irritable colon . What

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I have a low caecel ph (ph - 5) and an irritable colon .
What is your advice for a quick recovery ?
Thank you for your question.Can you please let me know what your symptoms are at the moment?Kindest regards
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
"Symptoms are bloating ( major symptom) , excessive smelly gas ( major symptom) , slight stomach cramping, stomach rumbling i.e noise from time to time.
I feel that the source of the symptom/discomfort is by the left hand lower side of the gut.
I am 30 years of age.These symptoms have been occurring for over year. I have done extensive tests such as , blood, stool, urine, CT scan, X ray, colonscopy , endoscopy. hydrogen methane breathe test.All tests were fine. However, the Hydrogen methane breathe test indicated I had a slow transit to my large intestine/slow ore-caecal transit. It took two hours for the scientist to see the rise (whatever the rise is) No small bacteria overgrowth was indicated. Then I undertook the Wireless Mobility Test which confirmed that I have a low caecal ph , ph -5 . I understand the ph should be above ph 5.7.
I am seeking a second opinion.
What would your advice be for a quick recovery based on the above information? What should I do or take?
This is annoying me very badly.
Please give me your phone number in the secure box at your end so that I can give you a call to discuss your concerns.Regards
Omeprazole 20 mg twice dailyCipralex starting at a dose of 10 mg half a tablet daily or 5 mg tablet once daily (if available in 5 mg strength) and then increasing the dose to 10 mg after two weeks if there is no improvement in symptoms.Mebeverine MR 200 mg (colofac MR) twice dailyXifaxanta (rifaximin) 550 mg twice daily for two weeks (if the above fail.Regards