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Dr Basu
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In November/December 2015 I had a chest infection which was

Customer Question

In November/December 2015 I had a chest infection which was treated with Ampycillin.
I had a serious anaphylactic shock to Penicillin in late December 2015 after being admitted to A+E at The Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton. (I had previously not experienced any allergic reaction to the Penicillin family of antibiotics.) The antibiotic was administered (via a canula) as a result of a return of the chest infection leading to my collapse as a result of severe breathing difficulty. I suffered two cardiac arrests and breathing failure and was intubated as a result. I spent almost 3 days in ICU with the tube being removed towards the end of this time. I thought that I had recovered from these events but have since had another two recurrences of a chect infection again accompanied by severe breathing difficulty. I have had a recent chest x-ray and was x-rayed and scanned whilst in hospital and there were no underlying problems (cancer or blood clots on lungs). I am concerned that my recovery has taken a backward step and want to know if my immune system has taken a knock that will take some time to recover. I have a sensation that the top of my trachea is not opening properly and have a persistent tickle at the top of my throat.
I have COPD and am aware that this is a chronic condition, but the deterioration in my breathing has been rapid and was a problem before the end of December 2015.
My current medications include ventolin, salmeteroll and tiotropium powder
Your advice would be appreciated.
Roz Adamson
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 1 year ago.
Hi there,This is Dr Basu, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.hat is indeed confounding.Reassuring to know your scans were normal.At least anything serious underlying lung condition and heart problem unlikely.Chronic environmental allergies can cause persistent tickling and breathing problem from airway reaction.Viral infection can also cause recurrent infections.Viral infection does not respond to antibiotics.Immune system suppression is also likely.Blood count with differential should be checked.Chronic allergies should be treated properly.Do you have a lung specialist to follow up with?Best wishes,It was my pleasure to help you today.If I have answered all your questions, Please rate my response Excellent (click on the 5th star on top).Please bookmark my profile for fast, reliable authentic answers!This is the link to my profile: