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Over the last year I have developed a lot of muscle

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Over the last year I have developed a lot of muscle pain and weakness which began when I was unable to lift my head off my pillow one morning. I was initially diagnosed with artritus in my knee & hands. Most days I am unable to lift my arms above my head to do my hair in the morning and I have difficulty walking up stairs. When I am doing these tasks it feels like my limbs are too weak and are going to give way which has caused me to fall sometimes. I have very stiff joints and occasionally my knees will lock in place and I will be unable to move them for a good few hours. I tested neg for RA and positive for vitamin d defiancy for which I had to take a high dosage of vitamin d daily. Iam 26and a non smoker.
Thank you for your question, symptoms you are having are called morning stiffness. These symptoms are typical of arthritis and most important thing in this is your RA factor if it is negative it does not mean you do not have arthritis, it is called seronegative arthritis or RA negative arthritis. You need CRP and ESR levels to ensure you do not have active arthritis. This arthritis needs to be treated early if your ESR and CRP are raised because early treatment not only helps reduce the stiffness it also prevent the permanent joint damage. I am assistant professor in medicine and will assist you further if needed. Thank you.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello,It's not just like it in the morning, it's the same all day and no matter what time of year. Could it possibly be a muscle disorder?
Yes it can be a muscle disorder, ESR and CRP plus muscle enzymes are the tests that should be done in your case to see if doctor are missing a seronegative arthritis or muscle disorder.