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I have always had urinary issues. As a child I wet the bed,

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I have always had urinary issues. As a child I wet the bed, it is a standing joke in the family that I will always need the loo and will know where the nearest loos are.
I am now experiencing urge incontinence, I am 44.
I enjoy walking and hiking and am also a teacher but I panic as soon as a "trip" is mentioned. I have just received and invite to go to St James' Palace and my first thought was "oh no - do they have lots of toilets". I do have accidents weekly at the moment where the urge to urinate comes quickly and I cannot hold it.
I also have horrendous pain sometimes on my periods. I often bleed after intercourse and feel uncomfortable afterwards too.
I bloat up and have to massage my stomach to pass stools and can be uncomfortable at times. If I drink alcohol I sometime have pains which make me double over and stop me from moving.
I am going t see my GP later, I have seen him before but I feel that he does not take this seriously. I am feeling VERY desperate.
Hello from JustAnswer. Urge incontinence is not a single disease entity, but can be due to several different factors. The history and limited evaluation that can be done by your GP may suggest a cause, but since the medicines prescribed were not effective, the usual next step would be an evaluation by a Urologist. The evaluation would first involve a physical examination, but it will also likely require additional testing, such as testing of residual bladder volumes, a cystocscopy or urodynamic testing. If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
MMM - didnt really tell me anymore than the internet.