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I have a bulge in my tummy when I lie down (nothing

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I have a bulge in my tummy when I lie down (nothing visible when standing) from below my sternum to just above my belly button.
Three surgeons in China (where I am living) diagnosed it as a ventral hernia and said that I needed an operation at exorbitant cost. I sent photos of it to hernia surgeons in Poland who said that it was a diastasis recti and that an operation is not needed.
I am going on Thursday to a different hospital in China to try and get a diagnosis. I don't know how successful I will be.
My question is, what is the correct procedure for obtaining a proper diagnosis? Is a scan required, or can a doctor tell just by prodding around?
Hello from JustAnswer. In most cases, physical examination with manual palpation of the abdominal wall, both at rest and with straining, will be able to differentiate a ventral hernia from diastasis recti. In the few cases in which physical examination is not able to differentiate the two, then an ultrasound would be the usual imaging test that would clarify which condition is present, and also has the advantage that the ultrasound can be done while the patient is at rest and straining, which cannot be easily done with other imaging techniques. If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. What happens if there is a ventral hernia as well as a diastasis recti? Will the doctor be able to pick that up without an ultrasound?
Yes, physical examination would usually be able to determine if there is a ventral hernia complicating diastasis recti.
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