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I have been diagnosed with anurismatic dilation of the LCCA

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I have been diagnosed with anurismatic dilation of the LCCA at origin with peripheral mural thrombus diameters 17.2 x 15.7 with true lumen of 7.4 x 6.1 is this dangerous a d what's the treatment
This is Dr. Davidit sounds like you have a left common carotid artery aneurysm with peripheral mural thrombus.or is it a left circumflex coronary artery (LCCA) of the heart? this would make more sense with the mural thrombus.if the artery is in the left circumflex coronary artery of the heart, then you need to see an interventional cardiologist and see if you can get the aneurysm and thrombus repaired so that proper blood flow can go to your heart musclesI take it the measurements are in mm or millimeters?are you set up to consult with an interventional radiologist? or cardiac surgeon to fix this heart artery aneurysm and thrombus?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The problem is in the left common carotid at the origin size in mm
I see.then you have to see a vascular surgeon a good articlethere are small vascular surgeries which can be done and grafts of the carotid artery which can repair the aneurysm and the thrombus and fix the problem easily.a vascular surgeon would do this surgery.are you set to see a vascular surgeron?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Any other treatments
what do you mean?vascular surgery and repair of the aneurysm and thrombus with surgery is the right treatment.what other treatment are you looking for?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
can i avoid surgery if possible
you can talk to your doctors about it.most likely avoiding surgery is not recommended. the aneurysm could rupture and you could bleed to death if the aneurysm ruptures.
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