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My younger sister (73) is staying with me and my husband affer

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My younger sister (73) is staying with me and my husband affer having had a hysterectomy (keyhole). We thought it would be only for 1 week but she has now found out that she has to wait at lleast another week before she has her cafiter removed. She llives on her own. My husband who is 79 ) (I am 78) feels it is unnecessary for her to stay with us any longer as she is mobile and does not have a problem with the after effects of her op and he wants her to go home now. I also feel likewise but do not want to jeopardise her recovery. Normally this would not be such a problem, but we have a lot of aommitments at present and my husbands mobility iis not good at present as he has developed a painful knee joint. He has left home in a mood and says he is not prepared for her to stay with us any longer as he wants his life back. He is panicing I think because we are due togo on holiday in 15 days and also we have a lot of other things we need to deal with before our holiday. I do not drive unfortunately and we live 20 miles from her hospital. I did offer to stay with her inher 1-room flat after her op, but she saidshe would prefer to stay with us.
Sorry to have rambled on somewhat = the long and short of it is do you think it is not right medically for her to go home now?
Are you doing anything for her that she cannot do on her own?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No. I only provide her meals - she is able to look after herself, get something to eat if she has to. Obviously I do anything that she is unable to do, but her everyday needs she can do herself -0 its just any shopping she needs.
Sounds like you have done a lot for her already and this is a good time to help her ease back into her own routine at her own home. Se can maintain the catheter herself until her follow up appointment. Perhaps you could offer to do grocery shopping for her until she can safely drive on her own.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks for your input.
have had a word and she has agreed to go home on Monday. We will be taking her as she lives 20 miles away and she (like myself) does not drive anyway. Taking her back is not a problem as my husband will come home now he knows she has agreed to go home. She should not have too much of a problem as she lives in a studio flat and I will stock her up so she does not have to ask anyone else to help her. Thanks for your help - it just gave me enough confidence to ask her to go home now. Now I can concentrate on my husband and get ready for our little holiday.Regards