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My daughter is 19 years old and she start the period on

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My daughter is 19 years old and she start the period on 9th of March for 6 days. Light period. And after on 24 th of March for 5 days lighter. And now on the 13 th of April starts really heavy. Like nights pads in the day and change like 2 in 2 hours. I m concerned because she s so young and loosing a lot of blood. If u can help me really appreciate.
Hello from JustAnswer.Is she taking any medicines?Is there any chance that she could be pregnant?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi sorry but my daughter is 10 years old not 19 mistake in writing.
In a 10 year old, alteration in bleeding patterns, including both light and heavy periods, is most often due to hormonal imbalance related to the maturing pituitary and ovaries. There are certain conditions and medicines that can interfere with normal cycling of hormones, and certain conditions, such as infections and pregnancy would only be a potential issue once they become sexually active. However, a 10 year old can have hormonal imbalance without any underlying conditions or medicines contributing to the issue It is true that girls that have a condition that tends to cause increased bleeding may first become manifest when they first start having their periods, but we usually are not concerned until there is a pattern of recurring heavy, prolonged bleeding. So, with a single period that has been heavy for a couple days, the usual approach would be supportive care. It would be appropriate for her to be drinking plenty of fluids to assure adequate hydration. It also would be appropriate to be taking an iron supplement to support the body making new red blood cells. There is a medicine that can be used for severe menstrual bleeding, called tranexamic acid, but we usually do not need to use it for early adolescents. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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