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So right now I'm a uk citizen in the north of Thailand, this

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So right now I'm a uk citizen in the north of Thailand, this is my situation:
Last Friday I got some bad food poisoning but recovered by Saturday
Monday night I had a fever
Tuesday I passed out and fell down on the way to the toilet so I went to doctor - he looked in my mouth and found big Absyss on the left side of my throat - he said I have exodative tonsillitis
He gave me antibiotics n said go home but come back if it get worse
Wednesday i felt worse - dizzy sick n fever so went to hospital
Thursday was bad but was being very regularly fed drugs for me stomach and fever and on IV of course with liquid antiobiotics and drip.
Friday better with bit of energy lots of watery diahroea still fever coming and going
Saturday had first meals since Monday felt normal again - fever Little bit but only rly in the afternoon when it gets rly hot outside (around 40degrees)
Today my head stomach and everything felt fine so they let me go and I've been fine all day - little feverish around 4...that's it
Now I feel fine but my uncle and father are doctors - my uncle thinks I should fly home because my Absyss could perforate and he said meningitis could be another complication.
Now my father is worried about something separate - I have these little pimples/boils, one on my left ankle two on the right thigh. The skin around them is red - they are small and Don't hurt. They don't look good but I thought they were due to lots of sweating and the heat and not being able to shower properly in hospital. Dad thinks I have infectious bacteria inside me.
I also have a few tiny bumps on the shaft of my penis which I don't know is related or not.
Again I feel fine my head and stomach don't hurt anymore my diahroea has nearly gone or is getting much better. I can eat and move okay. So my question - should I be worried about what my relatives are saying? Do I need to fly home? A 3rd,4th and 5th opinion would be great! Thank you!
Hello from JustAnswer.How does the throat currently look? Red? Swollen? Any pus?How high was the temperature at 4 when you felt a little feverish?Are you currently taking an antibiotic? If so, which antibiotic?Can you attach a picture of the boils?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Temperature doesn't go above 39 - I think at that time it was around 38 but it's gone from constant fever to barely any at all (I was in hospital here from Wednesday night until Sunday morning when they let me go because my fever was much better) right now I can't tell if I have one for sure without the proper instruments but I haven't felt feverish since yesterday.One antibiotic is cefixime and one is amoxicillin - It's the morning here so I'm about to start taking the course I haven't taken any yet - I have 4 days worth of amoxicillin and 10 days supply of the other - which one would u suggest?And I have attached photos of my throat and pimples.
The throat still looks like it has significant swelling and exudate, and the fact that it is persisting at this level of severity despite the antibiotics that you have received thus far is worrisome. The bumps do not look as worrisome as the throat, particularly if the fever is improving. The amoxicillin and cefixime are good oral antibiotics. They are not as strong as IV antibiotics, but they are good oral antibiotics. I would agree with your uncle and father that it may be better for you to return home. You have had multiple interactions with the local health care system, and while somewhat better, you are not as much as would be expected at this point. It may be that there will need to be drainage of the abscess in the throat. For all of these reasons, it would be reasonable to return home. If you were my son or daughter, I would express the same opinion as your father and uncle. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you! I guess I'm going home then.