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I've had a sore throat couple of weeks and had cold

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Hi, I've had a sore throat for a couple of weeks and had cold symptoms for a few days too, plus fatigue, which has all now passed apart from the sore throat.
However, for the past 6 days I've been having heart palpatations quite regularly, as often as every 30 minutes. I don't normally have palpatations and they're quite alarming.
Any thoughts?
Male, 35 years old.
Thank you for your question.Do you have any other medical problems?Are you on any medications for anything else?You mentioned sore throat, is your throat tender on touch and does the pain in your throat increase when you move around the lower part of your throat from the outside?Please let me know.Kindest regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I have no other medical problems, but my chest is a little tight, probably from coughing, and not on any medication.
My throat is only currently sore whenever I swallow and is not tender to the touch.Thanks.
Thank you for the additional information.Palpitations following an upper respiratory infection, like what you are having, could be due to thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid) which is something that happens not so uncommonly after an upper respiratory infection due to a virus.When thyroiditis happens there is release of a lot of thyroid hormone in the body that causes palpitations, so that is a possibility that I would consider in your case.Diagnosis is confirmed by doing a thyroid hormone blood test which would show a low TSH level and high thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid scan would show further evidence in confirming the diagnosis.This is a self-limiting condition and usually will go away in two to six weeks time.However, having said all that, as a general rule, any person who has palpitations, like what you are experiencing must be investigated further with an ECG at the very least.So I would recommend that you be seen by your GP and request an ECG and thyroid function test. These are routine tests.Let me know if you have more questions.Please rate me by clicking on one of the rating options (stars) at the top right hand corner when you are done asking.Kindest regards
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks, I'll get myself booked into my GP.
You are most welcome.Wish you all the best.If possible, please follow up with me on this.Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, just following up.... Having visited my GP he suspects it is skipped beats rather than heart palpitations, as a result of the viral infection in my chest. He has suggested that it will clear on it's own within a couple of weeks and if I'm still feeling the effects in one month to return to the GP and they'll do a 24 hour ECG.I'm still feeling the skipped beats every now and then, but nowhere near as frequently as last week so hopefully on the mend now.Thanks.
That's good news. Hopefully your symptoms will go away in due course of time.Thank you for your follow up.Kindest regards