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My wife has a 2-3cm active gland protruding from her neck,

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My wife has a 2-3cm active gland protruding from her neck, just on the left side and high up. Her blood tests were normal as is her general health and an ultrasound revealed a normal highly reactive gland. It has been up for 3 weeks, antibiotics have done nothing to reduce it and it and as a result she is meant to be seeing a doctor next week. The issue is we don't speak the language well where we live and don't trust the medical services. We can easily return to the UK for a consultation. The question is, given normal blood results and normal ultrasound, is the protocol to leave it for a few weeks and then biopsy if no change or biopsy now? And which type of specialist performs the biopsy? Her father had lymphoma (and recovered) and this is something I am concerned about
This is Dr. Davidyes, I would leave it for a few weeks and see if it shrinks downif she touches and squeezes the lymph node frequently, it can cause it to be swollen longershe should also get blood test to check for mononucleosis viral infection from the ebstein barr virus which can cause fatigue and enlarged neck lymph nodes.surgeons or interventional radiologist can do a neck lymph node biopsy.lymphoma is rare, but a small possibility.let me know if you have questions.
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