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I have an allergy to Aspirin which causes itching and hives.

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Hi, I have an allergy to Aspirin which causes itching and hives. However, I need an anti inflammatory for a very painful piriformis which is being treated by an Osteopath. Can I just take some Voltarol or Ibuprofen along with Piriton?
Thanks for your question.Have you ever had voltarol or ibuprofen before?Are you allergic to any other medicine?
I see that you have not replied to my request for additional information.Though aspirin , voltarol and ibuprofen belong to the same major category of drugs that is ant i inflammatory , they are drugs of different sub categories and may not cross react with each other.If you have use voltarol or ibuprofen earlier there is little chance of these drugs inducing an allergic reaction.If you have not used these drugs it would be advisable to have a small part of the pill and wait for any allergic reaction.If no such reaction occurs for 2 hours or so you may take the drug.Do take piriton even when you are taking a part of the pill.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have had before and I had a small reaction. No other allergies.
If you have had an allergic reaction to these drugs before as well it would be safer to not take these drugs.A previous allergic reaction even a minor one can sensitise the body and cause a larger allergic reaction when body is exposed to the same allergen again.You can use tylenol at dose of 500mg 4 to 6 times in a day for pain relief.If tylenol is not effective you need to discuss having an opioid like tramadol with your doctor.
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