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Recently I have been experiencing problems when I

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Recently I have been experiencing problems when I eat food and sometimes even when I drink water; whenever I swallow and feel my food or water enter my stomach it causes me very mild discomfort, which i find slightly nauseating. I also find that my appetite for food is reduced significantly, despite feeling slight pain in my stomach from hunger. As well as this I find that I become gassy quite easily, which causes me to burp. After I eat, for some time, I feel this unpleasant sickly feeling in my stomach that does not feel like indigestion but more like a very mild pain inside the stomach - similar to hunger pain.
On top of this I had been feeling a single sharp pain in my anus in the past, which was quite severe and was brought on sometimes by passing stool but also sometimes just seemingly at random - this happened a number of times but I would only feel it once in an instance where I felt it. This problem stopped after a long time but I never sought medical attention for it. More recently I have been noticing red flake like material, not often and only one 'flake', on toilet paper after passing stool. In addition to this I believe there might be a lump just inside my anus, which can't be seen without me trying to protrude it through 'pushing'. I believe it is located on one side, although at one time I thought I saw blue swelling around two thirds of the outside while attempting to look in the mirror after doing a poo, but I asked my girlfriend to look at this at another time and she said she could not see it.
I also believe I may be suffering with canker sores inside my mouth, located in two areas: one is small and white on the front of the gum on the root of one of my lower canines and the other on the back of the gum on the root of one of my upper canines, where I cannot see it but to me it seems like an open blister. In addition to this I have been told my breath is prone to smell bad quite easily and sometimes not longer after brushing my teeth. I also find tongue fur to build up quite a lot, particularly over night and then again by the evening.
In the past I have also been told I have a cyst by my testicles, where I found a lump type swelling, but was told that it was not a cause for concern. However, I have recently felt a dull achy pain in my testicles but this sensation is very rare and I do not feel it regularly at all. Rarely I can also feel a a very mild stinging sensation in my urethra near the head of my penis but this is no regular occurrence, either.
Generally, my health has felt poor recently and I have been quite prone to feeling fatigued and my girlfriend has suggested from my behaviour that I might have some form of depression. As I can have a bad temperament, loss of appetite, outbursts of rage, mood swings between anger and sadness during emotional stress and generally do feel very socially withdrawn a lot of the time. Although, personally I think this is more likely to do with withdrawal from cannabis and my own shy nature.
Obviously, the combination of all of these problems has been a massive concern to me and I currently am waiting to gain medical attention. Any information on what might be the cause of any or all of these problems would be very much appreciated.
It may help to know that I occasionally take ecstasy and ketamine (perhaps once or twice a month), and recently have ingested cocaine and some small crystals of MDMA with beer on a weekend. I am male, 19 years old and of an average build. I also have recently quit smoking cannabis and tobacco cigarettes after having done so for the past 5 years. Although, It has been only a week since I took the MDMA and last smoked cannabis.
Thank You
Thank you for your question.The stomach problem that you experience after eating food is most likely related to gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). This can either be due to increased acidity or infection with a bug called as H. pylori which is tested for by a test called as urea breath test, which is what I would recommend in your case. Additionally I would recommend that you should be on a medication to reduce acid in your stomach, something like over-the-counter omeprazole at a dose of 20 mg twice daily.The pain in the anus and the red flake-like material could most likely be due to anal fissure, which is like a crack in the anus.This can happen if you have passed hard stool previously i.e. if you have remained constipated.You need to take lots of fiber like fruits and veggies and fiber supplements like metamucil or benefiber. Also, taking plenty of fluids can help.The lump that you are feeling in the anus could be a hemorrhoid which appears bluish or purplish. So you could be having a fissure in combination with a hemorrhoid (piles). Initial treatment of both is the same i.e. dietary changes to increase fiber in your diet.Canker sores could be related to cocaine, cannabis and tobacco smoking. I would strongly recommend avoiding all these things as they will harm you greatly if you continue to use them.I would not be worried about the cyst in the testes and the tingling that you are having in your penis.Social withdrawal, mood swings, outburst of rage, appetite loss are all side effects of the drugs that you have been using. This session is open for any further questions that you may have.I would appreciate it if you rate me by clicking on one of the rating options at your end on the top right hand corner, as that is the only way I am credited on here for helping you out.Kindest regards
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