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I started dating an HIV+ person two months ago. He

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I started dating an HIV+ person two months ago. He told me he was undetectable so three weeks ago I decided to start taking PrEP so we could eventually have unprotected sex.
The side effects of PrEP were pretty bad so I would only take it once every two days at first (as I read it offered 95% protection) until I could take it every day.
Two weeks ago, a little drunk, we ended up having unprotected sex, both giving and receiving. After that I started taking PrEP every day.
I didn't worry back then but I just discovered he's off his HIV medication and has been for a few months (following recommendation of his doctors) so he might not be as undetectable as he said at first.
I realise it's too late for PEP, and the chances of me being infected are very low, but I was wondering, can I go off PrEP medication?
It's still making me quite unwell and I'm not seeing him any more.
Hello from JustAnswer. The usual recommendation for PrEP is to continue the PrEP for four weeks after the last encounter with the HIV positive individual. If considering stopping the PrEP sooner than the four weeks, there should be consideration of the risks and benefits. If he is truly undetectable, then the risk would be quite low, and it would be reasonable to consider stopping the PrEP sooner if you are having significant side effects. But if it is unknown whether he is still undetectable, then it would be difficult to accurately state the risk, so it would usually be preferred to try to continue the Ocx for the four weeks. Since his doctors recommended stopping the medicines, they were likely confident that he will continue to do well, but they also would usually monitor the viral load to see how he responds, so he may have a more recent viral load test off the medicines. Most doctors would usually prefer to be cautious and continue the PrEP medicines for the four weeks, but if the side effects are severe, then the risk to you would likely be quite low, and if there is a more recent viral load, that may confirm that the risk is still quite low. If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will get him to go get his viral load checked, and depending on the results, I'll stop taking PrEP or not.Therefore, am I right to think, even if he isn't undetectable any more, having taken Tenvir-EM a day on two until the incident and everyday since (and for a month after) gives me a very good protection and the chance of me being infected is extremely low?
Yes, it affords you very good protection so that the risk of infection is extremely low.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so much, I'm going to be able to relax and enjoy my weekend thanks to you.
You are most welcome.