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Expecting identical twins. nearly 35 weeks. twin 1 is breech

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hi, expecting identical twins. nearly 35 weeks. twin 1 is breech and twin 2 is oblique. is twin in a malpresentation? im properly going to have a section.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
meant to ask im worried more about twin 2 being in oblique position.
When considering the presentation of twins, it's the first twin's presentation that is most important, at least regarding possible vaginal delivery.We consider any presentation other than cephalic (head first) as a malpresentation. However, for the second twin, it will often be oblique prior to delivery. It doesn't make much difference about it's position until after the first baby has delivered. And if it's a c-section, then oblique is as good as any position for twin 2.It's nothing to be worried about that twin 2 is oblique. Best regards.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
twin 2 has a velamentous cord which I think Is a shorter cord. is there any risks associated with caesearan for twin 2?
Velamentous insertion of the cord means that the cord inserts into the membranes rather than into the placenta. It tends to occur more often in twin pregnancies than in singletons.Velamentous insertion tends to be associated with high risk for the baby, although mostly when delivered vaginally, as the cord can rupture prior to birth and result in blood loss for the baby while still inside. Since this will be a c-section, the risk of cord rupture is minimal.Velamentous insertion may be associated with slower growth, but that can usually be found on ultrasound if it's significant.As long as both babies are growing normally, I don't think that the velamentous cord insertion is likely to be a problem.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks. Does it mean I should have weekly doppler ultrasounds to check growth? Also during my section which I'm mostly likely to have will I have two paediatric doctors to make sure they are ok when born?
Weekly dopplers may be a good idea. I would leave it up to your doctor.There may be 2 paediatric doctors, or else nurse paediatric specialists, who are almost as good as doctors.
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