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These last blood tests also showed (what a bad way I feel I

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These last blood tests also showed (what a bad way I feel I am in) that I am 'borderline diabetic'. Is this very serious as I do seem extremely worried about it? Again what does it actually mean- does it mean I am about to get diabetes. Is it because I eat too many sugary foods? Is that what causes it? So if I just cut out all sugar will my tendency towards diabetics be reduced? I want to know exactly what to do to stop myself heading towards diabetes? THANKYOU.
People with borderline diabetes are at risk for evolving into diabetes in the future, but it is not that will happen to everyone with borderline diabetes. The risk factors for borderline diabetes are the same as for diabetes, but is only partly affecting you. It is not necessarily due to an improper diet. although it certainly can be. Everyone may have a slightly higher blood sugar if they eat more sugary foods, so there are some people that may be normal with a healthy diet and borderline when eating more sugary foods. But there are others that would be borderline with a healthy diet and an elevated blood sugar when eating sugary foods. So, the mere fact that the blood sugar is borderline is not sufficient to say that you are eating too many sugary foods. However, if someone with a borderline blood sugar is eating many sugary foods, then one of key recommendations is to follow a healthy diet. The key interventions for borderline diabetics are lifestyle interventions, including eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and achieving or maintaining ideal body weight. You may have difficulty exercising regularly until you address your other medical problems and the sluggishness and lack of energy improves, so doctors would usually focus on these other issues before worrying about the lifestyle changes for the borderline diabetes.
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