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Chronic cough for13years I can cough up to 6 8 10 times in a

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Chronic cough for13years I can cough up to 6 8 10 times in a day every day
This is Dr. Daviddid you smoke or smoke currently? smoking can cause cough. have you tried a course of steroid therapy for your cough? do you have a runny nose? this can cause you have bad acid reflux of stomach acid up to your throat? this can cause do need to see a pulmonologist lung doctor about your cough.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
You asked for further information I started with this cough in 2003. After a chest infection this is what happened I had a chest infection a new doctor who I had never seen before gave me a prescription for antibiocs which I had never had before they did not suit I went back again he tested my chest and said it had not quite cleared but he was not giving me a prescription for anymor. That is when this cough started . I feeli have never received the right treatment when doctor at that particular 2003 but me on a inhaler another doctor took me off it said I did not need a healer that was in 2003 may present doctors say it is my emphysema which I found I had after pnuemonia2 years ago the medication they keep giving me is for breathlessness but I a not breathless a tall it does not stop me from doing anything I do you housework and gardeninit is just this cough it is driving me out of my mind I keep trying to do my own research I desperation I once more tried on my I pad and found you I am not expert at this and do not know what I must do next can you help
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you advise me what I do next do I wait for your answer do I just pay you the 36 pound I just want this consultation
you should ask to see a lung pulmonologist doctoryou should be checked for allergies that can cause runny nose and should be checked for acid reflux of stomach acid up which can cause coughyou should be tried on a course of steroid therapy which can help decrease inflammation in your might need asthma inhalers to help open up airways and help decrease coughyou might need a chest CT scan to look at your lungs to check for inflammation in your lungs which can cause cough.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so much for your kindness I had a ct scan last year it showed that I do have emphysema but my bronchitis is not as bad as they thought I suffered very badly as a child with bronchitis I at to have poultices on my back but my adulthood I overcame it I had to go private I the end I saw a dr.hussain at the Nuffield hospital I was getting nowhere with my gp I even kept a note for 3 months of how I was coughing one day it was15 times they did not even look at it they still insist it is emphysema and they cannot do anything about it throw I came to find out about this chronic cough I did my research on my I pad and found a professor Ian pavord s paper I could not believe it all my symptoms were there the list you have kindly sent to me can I have them privately I do not have private insurance but I can pay as I am desperate now it is effecting my health I am depressed and I do not go out and this is person who all her life has been active I also have to look after my husband who is 83 and has just been very ill I do not have anyone to help me we only have one son and he does not live near an she recently lost his wife with cancer leaving him with two boys we nursed her at home and she died in my sons arms please can you answer me again you are the first persons in all these years I have been able to speak to and explain ion detail
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Could you call me please my number is *****
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you please allow my number is ***** can you advise when you will call me it is twenty minutes past eleven in the evening here can you advise me when you will be calling please thank you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you please advise me if I must ring you thanking you
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