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My girlfriend is on 'Rogevidon' pill and has been using it

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Hi. My girlfriend is on 'Rogevidon' pill and has been using it for 2 years.
In her current pack there were 2 pills that were cracked and so she used an old spare pack for these 2 days, but has now realised that they went out of date in January 2016.
We had unprotected sex once the week prior to her taking these outdated pills and once the week before that.
We were wondering what the implications were of these out of date pills?
We are also going on holiday June 27- July 4th (5 weeks). Her period was due that week and so she was planning on 'double packing' to avoid accordance. Would it be possible to stop now, with 7 more pills in the current pack to avoid clashing with the holiday completely?
Thanks for your time.
Hello from JustAnswer. While the concern in this situation would be that the expired pills could have lost some potency, the expiration dates on medicines are typically very conservative and even as pills age, they lose potency gradually. So, the reality is that these medicines will usually still have fairly good potency 4 months after the expiration date and the impact on the effectiveness of this month's pills will likely be negligible. So, it would be very unlikely that she would get pregnant from these recent sexual encounters. In regards ***** ***** upcoming vacation, it would be better to double the active medicines, as she is planning. There is ample evidence that taking active pills for two or three months is very effective. However, there is not the same evidence that taking active pills for a shorter period of time would be effective. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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