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Two weeks ago i fellated someone briefly, was a minute. they

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Hi. Two weeks ago i fellated someone briefly, was for about a minute. they didnt ejaculate but there may have been pre. im not aware there were any cuts in my mouth. two weeks later i hv a slight temp and some night sweats. slight sniffles and a scratchy (not sore) throat. im worried its seroconversion. ive since got in touch with the person and asked his status and he said he was "ok", i asked for more detail and he hasnt replied but i dont he has unsafe sex in past as a receiver so hes high risk i guess. i know the only way to be sure is a test but does one exist that you can have after two weeks?
Hello from JustAnswer. There is a test that exists, but it is not a perfect test. It is possible to test for viral RNA, which would typically be positive during the time of acute retroviral syndrome. This test is quite good, but it is not a perfect test, and the primary concern with the test is that it has a fair amount of false positive results. In a population with a low likelihood of infection, such as someone whose only exposure was an encounter of oral sex, the vast majority of positive results are falsely positive. The test that can be done to prove whether there is a false result remains the antibody test, and specifically the Western Blot antibody test. But this test is not reliably negative until 3 months after the encounter, so the people with a false positive result spend the next 2 and a half months feeling extremely anxious. It is because of this rate of false positives that this test is not routinely recommended. It is also worth noting that the HIV RNA test is also much more expensive. It is true that if it did not have the rate of false positives, the expense would be more acceptable, but the cost does not gain you a reliable test. So, it is possible to get an HIV RNA test at two weeks, and it will be quite accurate, but it has the issues noted above. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok. i dont want to do a test that has false positives. do you think i am at risk with what i described? no ejaculate and no known cuts or abrasions in mouth?
Any penetrative sex has some risk, but oral sex is the lowest risk of sexual encounter. The estimated risk of a completed act of oral sex on a male is about 0.005%, which also means that 99.995% do not get infected. This average risk would be in someone with no known cuts or abrasions, but since the encounter was not completed to ejaculation, the risk would surely be lower, but the numeric risk is impossible to determine.
The above risk also assumes that he was HIV positive. Your risk would also be lower considering that there is also a chance that any encounter with someone of unknown status may be HIV negative, depending upon the prevalence of HIV in your community.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.