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Ten days ago, I had pain in my p which went down the leg and

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Ten days ago, I had pain in my hip which went down the leg and settled on my knee. I went to my GP last Monday who diagnosed a pulled muscle and said it would take sometime, even weeks to heal. I have had a great deal of pain during the week and tried to use the leg as little as possible. I think it has been getting more painful, but last night the pain intensified and I was unable to sleep in bed in spite of taking paracetemol and spent half the night on an armchair where I managed to sleep for periods of two hours of so. Is this normal for a pulled muscle? Can I take a Co-codimol at the same time as taking Iboprufin? I have put on a knee support this morning and it is helping.

Hello from JustAnswer.

While it is common for a pulled muscle to still be causing pain 10 days later, it is unusual for there to be a significant worsening of the pain 10 days later, unless there has been a second injury. It is true that a muscle that is already pulled would be more sensitive, so may become re-injured with actions that usually would not cause injury.

Another possibility would be if there is another issue that arises, such as inflammation of the tendon or knee. If there is swelling associated with the increase in pain, there also would be concern that there could be a blood clot forming in a vein, although this is not common after a pulled muscle.

Since the knee support is helping, it would suggest that this is likely more inflammatory.

Yes, it is fine to take Co-codamol with the ibuprofen. The ibuprofen would usually work better for inflammatory conditions, but the Co-codamol may do better at relieving the pain. The actual concern would be taking the Co-codamol when you have already taken paracetamol. It is OK to take the Co-codamol with the paracetemol, as long as you do not exceed the maximum recommended daily amount of paracetamol, which is 3000 mg per day.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

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