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I am struggling with low self esteem, I went to an interview

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I am struggling with low self esteem, I went to an interview and they totally disrespected me for no reason. After that I was upset I was blaming myself wishing I could be a different race like be white, I am Indian by the way. I am also struggling with dating as well girls may turn me away because I am attractive enought or purely race issues, I find it not fair and makes me sad. Asian girls don't like me either because of caste reasons, girls in my own caste marry outward,I wish I had the strength to take on rejection, it's hard when you see someone with a stunning girlfriend and you thing why can't that be me, I have constant panic attacks, but I do a prep talk and tidy my mind up and continue to walk this dismal self fish life

Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

With these thoughts and low self esteem just talking to yourself is not sufficient. You need to consult a psychologist who will help you immensely. He/she will show your cognitive distortions and replace your low self esteem with a positive self esteem. Please do not delay. Consult a therapist as soon as possible.

Also you may read certain books linked below which may be beneficial:

Take care.

Dear customer,

If you have any further questions please do ask.

It was a pleasure answering your question.

Please rate the answer with a positive rating. And don't forget to consult a therapist locally since this is what you require.

Take care.

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