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3 months ago I was presribed Naproxen 500mg twice daily

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Hello. 3 months ago I was presribed Naproxen 500mg twice daily for tennis elbow. It was a 28-day course of pills. I also was prescribed Omeprazole to suppress the associated stomach problems from the naproxen. I finished the drugs as prescribed. Since then I have sufferred almost continually from a list of associated side effects including stomach pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, elevated BP (upto 160/90), lightheadedness, anxiety, diarrheoa etc. I have experienced one or more of these symptoms daily for about 8 weeks now.
I've seen my GP several times, and also went to my local hospital A&E. The GP is concerned that I may have a heart condition. I have had several ECGs, and sets of blood tests and am waiting an appointment for a CT scan/Angiogram.
My concern is that because of the nature of the onset of symptoms, is that what I'm experiencing is not in fact angina or some other heart condition but a sustained reaction to the Naproxen. I'd like to know how long these symptoms might last and if there is any treatment that might speed up the recovery process

Dear customer,

The elevated Blood pressure itself requires treatment. There is no such sustained reaction to Naproxen. However the side effects that it may have caused such as gastritis and peptic ulceration may continue and take up to 8 weeks to heal with the omeprazole.

Treating the elevated blood pressure may decrease some of your symptoms. Along with this continue with the omeprazole. Also have the investigations done as recommended by your doctor.

Take care.

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