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I have a left knee problem I walked up a very , very steep

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I have a left knee problem I walked up a very , very steep extended hill and a day later developed severe discomfort in the left knee it appears to be slightly swollen with the Muscle on its left side above the knee very painfull to touch also the muscle right side of the knee at 10.0 clock. The knee tries to colaple when walking and the muscles appear to be cramped

Hi there.
Thank you for your question.
I will be helping you out with your concerns today.
I am sorry to hear about your problem.

You are most likely having what is called as bursitis which is inflammation of the fluid filled sac that surrounds the knee.

To ease pain and discomfort of knee bursitis, try these home remedies.

Rest your knee. Discontinue the activity that causes knee bursitis and avoid movements that worsen your pain.
Apply ice. Apply an ice pack to your knee for 20 minutes at a time several times a day until the pain goes away and your knee no longer feels warm to the touch.
Apply compression. Use of a compressive wrap or knee sleeve can help to reduce swelling.
Elevate your knee. Elevate your knee by propping up your legs on pillows. This can help reduce swelling in your knee.

Corticosteroid injection. If the bursitis is persistent and not responding to basic treatments injecting a corticosteroid drug directly into an affected bursa to reduce inflammation helps a lot.

Meanwhile you can also take OTC anti-inflammatory medications like motrin or aleve for a few days to help with the pain and inflammation.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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