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7 days ago I got diarrhea. I work abroad in a hot climate. I

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7 days ago I got diarrhea. I work abroad in a hot climate. I made some stupid mistakes, two weeks before the diarrhea, I cut rice out of my diet which I normally have every day. Because the weather turned hot, I drank around a litre of juice every evening whereas before that I had next to nothing.
7 days ago I started to take imodium, it halted and delayed the diarrhea but didn't eliminate it. Over the last week I've eaten bananas, rice, yoghurt etc.
Since yesterday, I've started to take anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic medication called Flagyl (500 mg) and I decided to just drink water because everything comes out in watery form. It's early days with the Flagyl but like imodium so far it has delayed/halted bowel movements but not eliminated the diarrhea. Should I return to eating again? Because my stomach feels more dodgy now just drinking water.
Help! I feel anxious because normally imodium does the trick. I feel I have really messed up my stomach with my recent radical dietary changes. I feel like nothing will fix it.

Hello from JustAnswer.

It would be OK to build towards eating a more substantive diet once there is significant improvement in the diarrhea. It is not necessary for the diarrhea to have completely resolved, but it would be better to wait until there is significant improvement.

If there is only a delay in diarrhea, but it is otherwise just as severe, it would be better to wait before advancing the diet. It would be good to be drinking fluids that have electrolytes, such as fruit juices or sports drinks, except apple juice may tend to worsen diarrhea and may contribute to the symptoms, so should be avoided.

If the significant diarrhea persists despite the Flagyl, then it may be necessary to consider further evaluation. You do not mention what evaluation has been done to this point, but persistent symptoms would be the primary reason for considering further evaluation.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No further evaluation done as of yet, because I haven't had the problem long. Can you name some sports drinks? Is Red Bull one of them? Thanks.

Red Bull is not a sports drink. It is more of an energy drink and has a large amount of caffeine, which would not be desirable in this situation.

Common sports drinks include Gatorade and Powerade.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.