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My son who recently turned 5 had a range of blood tests due

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My son who recently turned 5 had a range of blood tests due to nose bleed and blood in stool one day. Of the range of blood tests, two came back abnormal. One was his serum creatinine (46 umol/L) and the other his serum ferritin (7 ug/L). Doctors didn't seem worried. Just suggested I feed him green vegetables and lots of water. But understandably I am worried. I was a type 1 diabetic when he was conceived and born so I have concerns about his kidney. Should I be worried or is it really down to water intake?

This is Dr. David

blood in the stools can often be from hemorrhoid bleeding if he has constipation and large hard stools.

bloody nose can be from dry nose or allergies or dry nasal mucosa.

eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water can help soften his stools and help prevent constipation

if he drinks more water, his creatinine levels will come down.

normal 5 year old boy creatinine levels are 34-72 umol/L

so that 46 creatinine is normal.

if he was bleeding, what is most important is his platelets and liver enzymes as these control normal clotting function.

if these are normal, that is most important.

let me know if you have questions.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. His liver enzymes were normal. The serum creatinine normal range the GP provided was different to that provided in the link above which is what caused me worry.