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Dr Uzair
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In 2013 my son was working in Madrid and was suffering from

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In 2013 my son was working in Madrid and was suffering from heart palpitations and finding it hard to sleep. A doctor gave him Lorazepam .
He didn't take the tablet on one occasion and stayed awake all night, and started to suffer with jerks which woke him up. He has been unable to get a good nights sleep since. He drifts off to sleep and is constantly woken up through the night, which he finds distressing, and since 2013 has not had a decent nights sleep.
He has been told this is a common effect of SSRI Benzodiazepam such as Lorazepam .
The only thing that helps is l-Theanine 5htp and alcohol, which he is unhappy with. He is becoming depressed and it is affecting his work and life.
Can you please advise the best course of help he can take. He is coming back to the uk in August and I am desperate to help him.

Hi and welcome.

First of all he needs to see a cardiologist to rule out cause of palpitations. He might need baseline tests like EKG and physical examination. Next he should see a psychologist who can help him fight his insomnia by different behavioral cognitive and sleep therapies and he needs to taper down lorazepam very gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Moreover he needs to cut off alcohol and caffeine intake and make a set routine for sleep and wake cycles in dark quite room with minimum disturbances. Chamomile tea an hour before bed time and regular exercise and yoga can help a lot.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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Wish you good health.

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