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I've been on 100mg alorpurinol and months I hadn't had any

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I've been on 100mg alorpurinol and for 6 months I hadn't had any flare ups in my gout. In June it started to linger so I increased the dose up to 200mg then recently up to 300mg to match my Uric level. I now have a bad flair for nearly a month now. Do you think it's.the alorpurinol working to dissolve the crystals and prevent the attacks by the increased dose and do you think this can heal over time if I keep drinking lots of water.

Thanks for your question.

It does not seem that the allopurinol is responsible for the lingering gout symptoms.

Gout is persisting probably because of increased uric acid production as you have had to increase the allopurinol dose to keep levels under control.

At this stage you should consider and discuss starting colchicine with your doctor to control the lingering gout.

Plenty of water intake ill help but would not be able to solve your problem.

This is my initial answer.Please reply for any clarification.

Do you have any more questions?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Does that mean that when I increased the dose of alorpurinol to match my uric levels that it has caused a gout flare then maybe it will settle down once the alorpurinol has controlled the uric levels. I was reading it can sometimes take a year. Is that right? Definitely I've been drinking lots of water and also taking naproxen too

Sorry for the late reply.Did not get notified that you had replied.

No it does not mean that the increased dose of allopurinol caused the acute flair.

It only means that uric acid levels were not getting controlled by lower dose of allopurinol probably because of increased production of uric acid in your body.To counter these increased levels you had to increase the dose of allopurinol.

I would repeat that " At this stage you should consider and discuss starting colchicine with your doctor to control the lingering gout."

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so much for your reply. I'm definitely going to discuss this with my GP. Do you think with the right treatment this might help and settle down in time

Thanks for writing back.

Right treatment should help abort the lingering swelling you have.Most patients do well with correct treatment.

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