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My wife has a large lump on her left breast, which she

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My wife has a large lump on her left breast, which she describes as constantly being painful and has a burning, this is now the seventh week of her discomfort. She has clear, yellow and brown discharge coming from her breast. Also her lymph nodes in her armpit and down the left hand side of her breast are swollen and tender, there is also swelling on her neck and top of her shoulder, all the same side as her painful breast. We have been the breast clinic where a mammogram and ultra sound have been performed. We have been told she has dense breasts so nothing unusual is appearing on either of the scans. We have now requested a second opinion to have an appointment at another hospital incase something has been missed. Please can you help?

Hello from JustAnswer.

Was there any examination findings suggesting infection?

Was any test of the discharge done? If so, do you have the report?

When the scan showed dense breasts and did not show anything about the lump, what did the doctor recommend as the next step?

Was a biopsy suggested? Or a course of antibiotics?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We where told there's was no infection as the colour of the breast was normal, nor was any samples of the discharge taken.....we were handed a leaflet regarding breast pain after the consultant told us there was nothing visible from the mammogram or ultrasound. My wife's left breast just above the nipple has a rash, it looks like burst blood vessels from when she scratched it last night. There was no biopsy taken nor antibiotics given. My wife had a cyst drained from the same breast two years ago which did show on the mammogram and ultra sound but she been yelling the gps and consultants that this feels different and is I constant pain.

It is good that they checked for any findings suggestive of infection. If there were uncertainty about the possibility of infection, then microscopic examination or a culture of the discharge may help, but it sounds like there was certainty that no infection is present.

At her age, it is more likely that a painful lump in the breast is a cyst, even though it feels different than her previous episode. The issue is how to prove it when it cannot be seen on an ultrasound. There are a couple of options at this point. An advanced imaging test, such as CT scan or MRI, will frequently be able to see lesions that canot be seen by an ultrasound. Another option would be to try to aspirate fluid from the lump.

If this is a cyst, it would be unusual to cause the armpit lymph node swelling or the swelling in the neck and shoulder if it is not secondarily infected.

The other option when there is a lump that cannot be explained by non-invasive studies would be to perform a biopsy.

If the current doctors are not willing to pursue further evaluation, it is appropriate to pursue a second opinion, but if it will take some time to get that appointment scheduled, you can try to ask her current doctors to at least consider scheduling an advanced imaging study of the breast.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thankyou doctor, you have given us more detailed information and help in 30 mins than we received from both our own gps and hospital consultants. Thankyou again very much, we now know what questions and requests we should be asking.

You are most welcome.

Thank you for using JustAnswer.

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