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My almost 5 year old daughter has multiple varuccas on both

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Hi , my almost 5 year old daughter has multiple varuccas on both her feet. She also has a tiny growth on each leg that gP days will go away of their own accord. I can't remember what she called them. Two teen tiny ones have appeared on her face too.
Any suggestions?


I am not sure what your questions are.

Warts are caused by a virus.

Why some people get them and others don'[t is not clear.

They can go away on their own.

those that don't such be removed professionally, especially if on the face.

I can not guess at what growths on the leg you can't remember the term for.

musculosum perhaps, another virus, which often need treatment.

milia, these are normal harmless, and go away on their own and need no treatment.

I am happy to look at a picture here as well.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I know all the info and advice you have already. I clicked on this site as I had thought I was going to get a homeopath and was wondering what to use from a homeopaths perspective.

In fact, and what a coincidence, I am a double board certified MD, and a classical homeopath of many years.

Your question is in the medical category, and here you would have to find me specifically by request for such an answer, and I am also in the homeopathy category.

What is your homeopathy question specifically?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What would you recommend to take to get rid of these verrucas on her feet and also the others as they all seem to be viral?

A remedy is chosen based on extensive analysis

There is no such thing in homeopathy as a remedy for a wart.

The condition is only a small part of the analysis

Do you understand this?

Just need to know

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Oh on. I thought three might be one specifically for warts. I'll just take her to a homeopathic locally then. Thanks for your advice.

The treatment must be constitutional , or it will not work.

The analysis will take 1 to 3 hours on average.

If the wrong remedy is chosen, it might only work for a while, but not solve the problem.

there are over 100 remedies that have cured warts.

The very top remedies are Thuj, Sulph, Bell, Bar-c, calc, calc-s, caust, merc-c, nat-s, nit-ac, dulc,

Then there are many others.

Personality characteristics, medical history, and exam need to be considered in the choice.

You do have good homepaths in the UK.;

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Find me anytime if needed.

If you would rather go into a more lengthly analysis, accept the premium services offer.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thanks

You are welcome anytime.

Don;t forget at least to do the rating.

good luck.


I can do more complex answers for you anytime.

And more extensive analysis as needed.

Just find me by request in medical for all your medical and integrative medical needs.

I am board certified in integrative medicine, internal medicine, trained in functional medicine and homeopathy, etc. I am here daily: use my request link as needed and “for Dr. Thomas” in the question title. Give that link to friends, family, associates, etc. Find me as needed for correct, safe and accurate answers.