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Problems with walking (feet wide apart) started 5 or so

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problems with walking (feet wide apart) started 5 or so years ago.
Gradually it became slower and slower until now walking is virtually impossible, muscle deterioration is marked and general weakness.
Other symptoms include weak arms, problems with feeling faint, feeling sick occasionally, trouble concentrating.
Folic acid deficiency has been diagnosed and 5mg per day taken, and folate anaemia.
This seems to have been getting slowly worse over 5 years but seems to be accelerating now. The GP is trying to find a cause - any ideas??

Good morning,

Did you see a neurologist yet?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No, an appointment has been requested

This is absolutely necessary. I don't see a psychological reason for your issue. There are neurological conditions that impede the muscle's innervation and control. You will need a brain scan and maybe a lumbal tap to look for inflammatory reasons.

Parkinson's disease, muscle dystrophy, Lyme disease or Motor neurone disease are some of the possible explanations.

I assume that your heart has been checked and your blood works excluded hypothyreosis and kidney failure.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
These have been ruled out by blood test

Ok, so the neurological conditions I mentioned above will have to be checked.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry there isn’t an answer, we need a solution.

You can only find the perfect solultion AFTER the diagnosis. If you have Parkinson's Disease or an inflammation, you will get specific medication. If it's Motor neurone' disease or another condition you can't treat causally, you will need intensive physical therapy. You shuld have that and ergotherapy at this time, anyhow. If you haven't, please ask for it.

The bad thing is that you needed to suffer for 5 years without being checked neurologically! If this had happended earlier, the deterioration of your health could already have been stopped or slowed down.


Get physiotherapy and ergotherapy to gain strength.

Have your Vitamin D checked and get a supplemet, if low.

Treat depression if present as an underlying condition.

Eat healthy food and take vitamin supplements.

Get a neurological examination to find out what causes the muscular weakness and treat it, if possible.

I will be offline for a little while now. If something ist not quite clear, feel free to ask, I will come back and answer until you are satisfied with my help!

If everything is clear now I thank you for a positive rating for my help and wish you the very best.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you

You are very welcome!