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My mother who has had two strokes woke this morning and was

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hi there My mother who has had two strokes woke this morning and was actively sick (watery green fluid) she also had loose bowels and she didn't make it to the toilet. When I went in to her room she was very incoherent and confused. I put her back to bed with bottled water only. she has since woke a few times and her speech was better but she has no recollection of this morning whatsoever. Her colour remains poor and she just wants to sleep. She is 67 her last stroke was just over a year ago, should I take her to the hospital or is this just a bug? Please advise

Hello from JustAnswer.

The most concerning symptoms w the incoherence and confusion, which are changes in mental status. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are most likely due to a viral infection. It is common for a viral infection to cause her to have poor colour and wanting to sleep.

If she is having mental status changes, then it would be better for her to be seen. It could be related to another stroke, but it also could be related to an acute infection, or a complication of an acute infection, such as dehydration or electrolyte abnormalities.

If the mental status changes were only transient when she woke the first time, but is now having a normal mental status along with the symptoms that are more likely a viral infection, then it would be fine to manage this at home as a viral infection. But if she is having any further mental status changes or the mental status changes recur, then it would be better for her to be seen at the hospital emergently.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Doc, Should I just keep pushing fluids and let her sleep for another few hours? she was last sick at 1pm but no further loose bowels. When I last spoke to her she stated she really felt poorly but she just wanted to go back to sleep. please advise thanx

Yes, as long as there are no further mental status changes, it would be appropriate to encourage fluids and to let her rest. If she sleeps all the time, it would be difficult to encourage fluids, nor can you monitor mental status, so if she does not awaken on her own, it would be appropriate to wake her every couple hours to encourage fluids and see how she is doing.

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