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I keep having pains in my stomach every now and again ,and

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I keep having pains in my stomach every now and again ,and my stomach swells up , I look like I'm pregnant but I know I'm not I'm a 61 year old lady can you help ,?


Welcome to JA and thanks for asking

You seems to be suffering from an acid peptic disease and also some motility problem of the stomach specially if you have this problem for so long

You can take some OTC medicine like omeprazole to help with your pain

Prokinetic medicines help in increasing the motility and helps in reducing the swelling

In the meanwhile avoiding diets with high fat contents and spice,reducing smoking and alcohol,and taking meal atleast 2-3 hour prior to sleeping will help.

A regular exercise is also advised

In the meanwhile an appointment with the gastroenterologist will be helpful in further evaluation and to assess the need of an upper GI endoscopy

A possibility of H,Pylori should be ruled out

Another thing which must be ruled out is a gallstones

so do follow the above advise and see your doctor

Good luck

Feel free to ask if you have any more question

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