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I have just been diagnosed with Chlamydia this morning and I

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I have just been diagnosed with Chlamydia this morning and I must have contracted it about 3-4 years ago and haven't had intercourse since but remember having pain during intercourse. I have yellow discharge, spotting between menses and very bad menstrual pains which I believe are both signs of Chlamydia and PID. I am very worried about the damage this has to done as it has been unorixed and untreated for a long time. I went to the doctor about 7 months ago due to being worried about the increased menstrual pain and was given tablets to ease the bloodflow and advised to take ibroprofen. Pleass could you tell me the chances of having PID and roughly what sort of damage I am looking at.

Thanks for this question

I'm very sorry to hear this in a young person

The extent of the damage is really unknown.

many folks have chlamydia for a long time with no damage at all.

I bet you are fine because if you had PID, you would have had chronic pelvic pain this whole time

I suspect the pain and blood flow was an unrelated issue

I don't think you have any damage from it

let me know if you have other questions.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, thank you for the quick response. You stated that Isould have had cronic pelvic pain all this time if I have PID but I also read a medical study on the transgression of Chlamydia into PID and after 3 years it is almost 70% and many women have this disease with no symptoms. If I do have PID, and I understand testing is hard to do for this, how could I find out if it has done any damage or scaring to my fallopian tubes? Would I meed an operation or some sort of dye test? I live in the UK if this helps you to expain more. Thanks.

You would need to have a pelvic ultrasound and a test to look into the fallopian tubes called a hysterosalpingogram

In addition, you would have developed symptoms if you had PID

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for the response. Are the 4 symptoms mentioned in my first question not related fo PID? Secondly will a doctor give me the antibiotics for PID a long with those for Chlamydia at the same time if he thinks I have both or would I need to be diagnosed first and the same for the ultra sound and hysterosanpilogram would I need to be tested positive for PID before they can carry out these examinations? are you based in the USA? If so, would you be able to tell me how to get the antibiotics necessary for PID in the US and if I could get these tests done there and the costs? Thank you.

No, I don't think this would be related to PID

you wouldn't have more bleeding

a doctor will treat the chlamydia. Yes. and that only

You would pay a lot for these tests in the US without insurance