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I'm a little worried i may have developed Peripheral

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I'm a little worried i may have developed Peripheral Neuropathy due to alcohol and have a couple of questions i would like to ask.
Firstly here are my symptoms, Prickly & icy sensations in my arms & legs & and sometimes a tingly feeling up and down by spine.
1. If blood tests targeted towards checking the peripheral nerves have come back normal is this a good sign that i don't have peripheral neuropathy?
2. Is drinking 3 pints of regular strength lager a night enough to cause neuropathy?
3. I have had a nerve pain in my femoral nerve on my right leg for years especially when i run on it, could this be associated with neuropathy.
4. by removing alcohol can neuropathy be reversed
5. Does neuropathy attack all the nerves at once or does it start in one place then slowly spread?

1)yes, this is a great sign

2)Not likely. No. Depends on how long though really.



5)usually starts in the very tips of fingers and toes and moves inward

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi doctor, that's good to know about the blood tests, would you expect to see a vitamin deficiency or an irregularity in one of the test if neuropathy was present? I have been drinking pretty constantly for a long time, years and years but more as a regular social drinker rather than someone who goes out to get drunk or someone who binge drinks.I want to try and understand what is causing me to have these sensations with your help. Here is my storyQuite a few years ago i started getting pain in my right thigh when ever tried any weight bearing activities like running for example. The pain would be an intense burning pain above the right knee upto the groin area, as time went on the pain became more and more frequent, i could now get the pain just be leaning backwards in a certain position like leaning back to kick a ball so i went to the doctor and he sent me off to get a CT Scan of my lumbar spine, the results showed a pinched nerve in my back. I followed this up with my doctor who sent me to physio for around a month. The physio said that the pinched nerve location in the back should not give me the pain in the location where im getting the pain in my leg, we were able to reproduce the pain by twisting me in certain positions but nothing really helped to get rid of it, my physio thought the pain was coming from the femoral nerve and gave me some exercises to do to try and loosen this up but in the end with no joy i got referred back to my doctor. The doctor sent me for another CT Scan on my lumber region, the results this time no pinched nerve but inflammation in the spine, i went back to the doctor who has refereed me to a pain specialist next month to get some cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation. But the thing that is worrying me a bit is for the last 3 weeks i have had prickly & icy sensations all over my body but mainly on the arms and legs, i also have a very slight back ache in the middle of my back but not sure if that's related or not. The prickly feelings i get more than the icy feelings but both all seem to start in the right leg all the way down to the ankle not just the thigh area, then as the day goes on they move all around the body, hands, arms, legs, back, torso but never head, face or feet. I saw my doctor on Tuesday who prescribed me Amitriptylne to block out the prickly sensations and i spoke to him about vitamin b deficiency so he sent me for blood tests to test by b levels including my glucose, all came back fine so what could this be? I have no visual problems, no weakness, no clumziness just the prickly icy feeling.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Looks like i also had this problem last year:

1)yes, I would

2)another thing to look for is an elevated MCV level

3)Have you had an EMG done?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, you have answered "Yes i would" that is this into response to please?.Would my MCV levels have been checked on the CBC (Complete blood count) if so i think these came back as normal. I haven't had a EMG performed yet, that will be one the things i will speak to my doctor about when i see him next, i used to have ECGs when i was younger for epilepsy i presume its the same type of thing.

I meant I would expect to see a vitamin deficiency

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
what would be your diagnosis/suspicions with the information you have been given ?
Are there any more questions you want to ask me?

can it be anxiety related?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Its it possible yes, it would also make sense why i get less of these symptoms when i'm home and relaxed. However i do get real symptoms i don't think they are all in my head but i know anxiety can effect your body in ways you couldn't imagine. Im going to try and give up drinking and maximize my vitamin b intake to see if this helps. Are there any other things i could try to get rid of this prickly pain that you would suggest?

Yes, the anxiety can definitely do this

perhaps seeing a counselor would help

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have been on a waiting list to have one on one counselling, I'm just waiting for a slot to become available, hopefully it won't be for long. I'm trying to calm my nerves down and give them some nutrients, I'm currently taking these on a daily basis, are these ok to take together?Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B12
N acetyl l-carnitine
Alpha Lipoic acid