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My father has had problems walking 4 months, it is only one

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My father has had problems walking for about 4 months, it is only one leg but tends to keep seizing up on him when walks. They have ruled out parkinsons, we have been to bupa and seen a nurologist who was very good and thinks it could be phyological as the exercises he did at the appointment proved he could do them, but now he seems to be worse. We are waiting for mri results , he has fell 4 times and is really not good walking when the ground is uneven, Do you think it is in his mind ?? Bupa have suggested physio may be requied to build up his confidence. Any advicce welcome.

Hi Anne. I think the physio is a good idea while his doctors are trying to rule out neuromuscular disorders and the like. The therapists can work on stretching and strengthening as well as balancing his muscle groups (i.e flexors and extensors) and provide gait training to keep him safe from falls. I would suggest you ask your doctor to order nerve conduction tests (i.e. NCV/EMG) of the lower extremities. This will tell you if he has any nerve damage in the legs and, if so, where it is likely coming from and how long it has been present.

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