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Pressure on left side of head (the temple) On and off

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Pressure on left side of head (the temple) On and off for several months. Is is anything to be worried about. I am 71 years old, female.

This is Dr. David

with your heavy activity saturday, you could be dehydrated if you didn't drink enough water and fluids.

alcohol can cause dehydration as well.

lack of sleep can cause headaches.

have you tried any tylenol and drinking more water at this point to see if those can help?

if your headaches continue, you should see a doctor and get an evaluation.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I had no pressure from Saturdday night activities I drink very little alcohol. As I mentioned, the pressure in the left side of my head (not pain) has been going on and off, most days for several months. I have had massage in the neck area. When it was first done, about eight months ago, the massage helped for a while. However, I have recently had two more treatments and this time the massage has had no effect. Last night I slept well. I have returned from a yoga class, but still have the pressure. It is always on the left temple. I can feel a slight throbbing in that area. I just want to know if it is necessary for me to see my G.P. I don't like wasting time with them if it is not necessary. I have a good mix of activities and rest combined. I am slim with no weight problem. I do not smoke (never have). I eat well and avoid suger in any form and drink loads of water. In fact I have an extremely healthy life style. I am just worried about this pressure (not pain).

pressure in that area can be from many different causes.

if your symptoms have persisted after massage therapy and you have had rest and drinking enough water, you should see your doctor about it.

you should get a brain MRI scan and also get your blood vessels checked.

there are blood tests like ESR, C reactive protein which can check for inflammation of blood vessels like giant cell arteritis which can cause pressure in the temple area.

it doesn't sound like you have tried any tylenol or aleve and you can try this as well