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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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I had a TKR ( left knee ) in Nov 2014, unfortunately I still

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I had a TKR ( left knee ) in Nov 2014, unfortunately I still have trouble straighten it, I can only lift it about two feet of the ground whilst sitting, my right I can lift right up in the air although I can bend it the left I could two days after op, I am still in a lot of pain with it but not like the pain I had before op. I had op in Nov but didn't start therapy till Apr 15, although I still done the exercises I was taught, the problem I cant walk properly due to not being able to straighten the leg, and I can't walk far, and I am due to have a TKR on my right knee next week.What I am asking your advise about is since the op the colour of my skin has changed,on both the lower legs my skin on my shins and calfs is a dark browny colour and on top of my feet it's the same, it looks like thier suntanned but there not, it's embarrassing it looks like I haven't washed them but I have, and with the summer here I wear shorts as the scar on my leg is quite neat and it don't look too bad, can you tell me what the skin problem is and what I can do to make the skin look better, I don't have it anywhere else on my body, I am a white male by the way.

This is Dr. David

this dark brown color skin on your shin and calf and feet can be old blood from bruising from the total left knee replacement surgery.

or it could be due to venous status changes from poor circulation in your leg from your surgery.

you should ask for a doppler ultrasound scan of your leg to check for proper blood flow arterial and venous

old blood under the skin can take months and months to slowly be absorbed into your body.

let me know if you have questions.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, Dr David, will see my GP and ask for a Doppler scan, my dad and mother had this scan done, so I know about this scan, I am a non smoker and drink about three pints a week, as I know these things don't help the circulation.its 18months since the op so could old blood be still effecting my legs? I haven't had any ops on rt leg yet, I am afraid arterial disease run in my family on mothers side, they all had artery problems, but they were all smokers, the legs don't pain me, my mother had vascular problems, but she gave up smoking and her leg is fine now, and she has the all clear.

cutting down and stopping the 3 pints a week will help your knee recover better and help your circulation in your lower leg.

yes, cold blood can still make your skin look dark.

I would work on quitting alcohol before you have your next knee surgery.

thanks for the positive feedback.