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I been taking st johns wart. I have been suffering from

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Hello. I been taking st johns wart. I have been suffering from depression and anxiouty. This has worsened over the past few weeks. My doctor has prescribed me with vanlaxifine 75 mg. My issue here is that I stopped taking st johns wart 7 days ago. I am getting a few unwanted side affects from not taking it and would like to start taking the vanlaxifine. I am worried about serotonin syndrome as I know this can happen if st johns wart is in my system. I took sjw for 4 weeks but found although it was helping with depression my anxiouty was worsening and I also felt light headed confuses and dizzy. So with only a 7 day gap between the two drugs is it safe to start taking vanlaxifine. My doctor didn't know much about St johns wart and wasn't able to help. I just need the peace of mind. Thanks.

Dear customer,

St John’s wort as you know has serotonergic activity and must not be taken at the same time with venlafaxine . Only after a week of stopping St John’s wort the treatment with venlafaxine should be started and this minimises the risk of an interaction. Therefore you may start the treatment as prescribed by your doctor.

Take care.

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