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I have extreme tiredness everyday, with a need to sleep, as

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I have extreme tiredness everyday, with a need to sleep, as it is the impossible to function unless I sleep.
When I do I feel slightly better.
Every night I sleep pretty quickly and have vivid dreams and most weeks sleep paralysis. Everyday I wake up exhausted. When I sleep during the day I also dream within minutes.
I had a psg test which showed elevated heart rates during night but no apnea. I did buy a mandibular two years ago which does help my sleep and snoring.
I do sleep and dream so I guess sleep apnea was not likely.
I don't have cataplexy and although exhausted during the day I don't just nod off or sleep without warning, I just feel overwhelming need to sleep.
As you can guess this is debilitating.
In my personal life, I was made redundant one year ago and I was aware one year prior I would lose my job and my relationship with my partner has been very unstable.
My mother died five years ago and I ended a 10 year relationship.
I have had sleep paralysis since I can remember and have always felt tired even as teenager, I am now 45.
I am a clinical psychologist and think I am pretty resilient dealing with this stuff but maybe it's not narcolepsy,
I am wonder if I have narcolepsy or is this really depression

Dear customer,

Did you get your thyroid hormones checked? Why do you think you are suffering from depression? Any symptoms? How many hours do you exercise everyday? Do you follow a good sleep hygiene?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My thyroid and other bloods were taken few years ago before I was referred for sleep apnea.
I don't think I do suffer depression, I am stressed at times but I do function quite well in my job.
I do exercise, once a week, I play football which I enjoy.
My appetite fine, libido fine, just my sleep, which is a vicious circle in that I don't feel rested in the morning and feel I need a nap by noon, which I take regularly.The sleep is an overpowering need during the day, it's as if I have to sleep! I can't function without it and after an hour I work ok again.I had test for iron, diabetes and everything seems normal.I awaken a lot at night and suffer from sleep paralysis twice a week. I get headaches in the morning and it can take one hour to come alive.Sleep hygiene probably not strict, but when I go to bed around midnight I do sleep quite easily , I use a mandibulAr which I think helps.I thought depression because of the relationship between vivid dreams and mood.
I dream a lot, and usually form once I fall asleep.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My partner says I sleep ok, in other words I don't wake her up, except when I have the paralysis as I make a noise consciousjy to wake myself.
I do have sleep sex with her and sometimes talk. Other than this she thinks I sleep very still, yet I wake up exhausted.

Dear customer,

Thanks for your reply.

Your symptoms are not consistent with a diagnosis of either narcolepsy or depression. Continue with your exercise. Get at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily at least five to six hours before bedtime. Try going early to bed and don't wait till midnight. Have an accurate sleep schedule which gives you 8 hours of night sleep everyday and keep your bedtime and wake time consistent from day to day, including on weekends. You may also consider gradually starting yoga since some studies do suggest that the regular practice of yoga can help improve sleep quality

Take care.

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