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Cdt dvla medical help! i recently done my dvla cdt blood

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Cdt dvla medical help !
Hi i recently done my dvla cdt blood test, i only drink on the odd saturday usually between 10-20 units average then i dont touch anything for the rest of the week. I had a.drink stupidly on saturday 30th of july and my medical was tuesday 02 august at 12pm so It was a good 48 hours plus after the saturday.
Im worried that the saturday binge has boosted my cdt levels to high and i will fail the test. I have also heard one off binges are not prone to boost your levels so high. Its more if you drink often and quite alot they look for.
Do you have any more help on this please it is causing a big worry. I should find out my results next week.

Thanks for your question.

CDT levels would not rise to levels mandated as positive with one episode of drinking 10-20ml.

CDT tests is typically used to test increased alcohol intake over several days.

You should be fine with this test with only one episode of drinking.

Do you have any question regarding this issue?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I consumed about 24 units on the saturday day which caused me the worry ?? , would that not cause abmormal liver results. And previous to that was just 10-20 units average the 3 previous saturdays. Thanks for your answer .
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
24 units would mean that i would have consumed 240ml on saturday wouldnt it ?

Yes, it does mean that 240ml or 192 grams of alcohol but still this much amount may not be enough to cause cdt levels to be positive.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thankyou for your answers thats made things a bit less worrying. ill just have to wait and see thanks for your help.