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I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia in 2009. I

Customer Question

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia in 2009. I successfully took 2400mg of Gabapentin daily. In Sept last year I was advised to stop them while I took a week's antibiotic for a chest infection. When I re-started them they were no longer effective. I was given Tegretol, 800mg daily. I have a series of side effects (nausea, sleepiness, loss of appetite, raised blood pressure, total loss of energy). I have fallen from 85 to 70 kilos in weight. MY GP advised taking Paracetamol with the Tegretol. But after two days this seemed to cancel out the Tegretol so now the pain has returned and is constant. I can't brush my teeth, swallow, blow my nose without minutes to two hours of . Increasing the dosage of Tegretol makes me vomit.
I am trying to learsn if I can go back to Gabapentin or try something different and how to go about it. Stopping Tegretol abruptly might have the same effect as stopping the Gabapentin did? My GP is writing a referral for me to a neurologist but the waiting list is 23 weeks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 2 years ago.

Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

What you have experienced is similar to most of the patients with this condition where they will stop responding to a medication. In such a case increasing the dosage is recommended. However if increasing the dosage leads to increased side effects then switching to another medication is recommended. So yes you may go back to Gabapentin in consultation with your doctor and see whether now it is beneficial for you. If not there are other medication which may be prescribed by your doctor.

Take care.

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