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Can you help i went to my gp with a pain in the groin the

Customer Question

hi, can you help i went to my gp with a pain in the groin the pain got to be 24/7 so i asked for a pain killer as nurofen did,nt help much i was given gabapentin 900mg 300 three times a day i started getting side effects blurrey eyes and light headedness it dont help when you drive so i was told to stop them when i did i blacked out the first i knew i had an ambulence man waking me up i noted i had been out for just over an hour i got referred to a nouroligist she said it was a seizure and i was epileptic i had two more during the day both lasting more then ten minutes i have had several more since all at night and all round medicine changes but have no real checks to try and find out what or why but on trips to a and e they have found i had two hernias one on each side i have spondalosis in the neck an oval hip and now i,m being told i have an arithma of the heart i dont do medicines very easy what do you think please
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

your neurologist should do EEG testing to see if you have seizures.

if you are having seizures, you need to be on anti seizure medications

you could have a hernia in your groin area if you have had hernias before. you need an ultrasound of your abdomen and groin areas to check for hernias.

what sort of arrhythmia of your heart are you having?

it doesn't sound like the gabapentin is working for you. gabapentin dose has to be started slowly at 300mg a day and then slowly worked up to 900mg three times a day. you can't start it at that high dose.

your pain in your body could be coming from pinched nerves in your spine if you have spondylosis of your spine.