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I have some queries with regards having potentially

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I have some queries with regards ***** ***** contracted an std.
I a a male and 7 days ago had sex with a female sex worker in th UK. I was extremely drunk and regret this decision.
I had protected intercourse and she also gave me protected oral. She did as use her hand though I dnt believe a condom was used for this part. I also gave her oral sex though no protection was used.
Around 4 days after the incident my lips, tongue and throat have become sore, kind of like a burning sensation. Mylips are also very dry and I feel like there is flem in my throat which I have to occasionally clear. My stomach aso feels quite unsettled as if its something i swallowed.
My genital area generally seems ok though I have had what looks to be some dry skin and the opening of my urethra seems like it is aways stuck together though I havet had any discharge tha I have noticed.
As a precaution I got aprescription of doxycycline and Im on he thid day of taking this. My worry is tha i have perhaps been infected with chlamydia or gonhorrea.
Im also concerned as to the liklihood that I could have contracted HIV when I gave oral sex and how likely it is that I could have caught HIV during protected sex or when I received protected oral sex.
Im also wondering what my symptoms might point to with my mouth. Could this be herpes or the result of chlamydia or gonhorrea which I a guessing will clear up with the atibiotics.?
Your help is much appreciated.

Hello from JustAnswer.

The likelihood of developing HIV from this encounter would be about 0.005% if she is HIV positive and not being treated, which also means that there is a 99.995% likelihood that you would not contract HIV. The portion of the encounter that entails the greatest risk is the protected penile-vaginal sex. Condoms are excellent at decreasing the risk, but they do not work 100% of the time. It is this portion of the encounter that carries an average risk of about 0.005%. The oral sex that was performed on you would be a much lower risk. There also is some risk associated with performing oral sex on her, but the risk of performing oral sex on a female is so low that it is impossible to estimate an average risk. There have been some cases in which this was the mode of transmission, but there has only been very few cases.

The risk for gonorrhea and chlamydia are greater. If she is positive for chlamydia, that risk would be about 5-10%%. If she is positive for gonorrhea, the risk would be about 1-2%.. If she is positive for genital herpes and is actively shedding the virus, then the risk of transmission is about 10%. The overall risk of transmission of genital herpes is actually much lower, because there is no shedding on most days, although the frequency of shedding is greater during the first year of infection and diminishes with each succeeding year.

It is also true that gonorrhea and chlamydia can be transmitted by oral sex, but they would not cause the mouth symptoms that you describe. If they cause any symptoms, it would be a sore throat, but even these infections are usually self-limited. It is also possible that genital herpes can be transmitted to the mouth, causing cold sores similar to oral herpes.

If the urethra is inflamed causing the sensation of being stuck together, that could be a chlamydia infection, but the remaining symptoms that you describe are not typical for any STD.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Doctor for your response.Do you think the symptoms that I'm experiencing with my mouth be related to the oral sex?They are strange symptoms and not something that I have experienced before. As you have mentioned I dont have the prescense of any cold sores, but just rather irritation of my mouth, lips and throat. I've also felt at times that my face itself feels itchy and irritable. Perhaps this could just be attributed to some nasty bacteria that I have picked up from this encounter? I'm wondering if there is any over the counter medicine I should perhaps consider taking for this?Thanks you for your assistance.Stephan

As I said above, the mouth symptoms are not typical for any STD, including any that would be transmitted by oral sex.

It is possible that someone may be sensitive, such as an allergy, to a substance to which they come in contact during oral sex, such as residua on the genital skin from feminine hygiene products or laundry detergents.. This would usually cause inflammation, redness and swelling, but dry lips also can occur. It would not typically cause the stomach symptoms that you describe. However, even if it is a sensitivity reaction, your mouth comes in contact with numerous substances each day, so it is difficult to say that it occurred from contact with a substance during oral sex unless it is a recurring pattern.

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