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I am experiencing a sizzling /fizzing noise every morning

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I am experiencing a sizzling /fizzing noise every morning that sounds like it is coming from the back of my head. It almost sounds like liquid squeezing under pressure. This almost always happens when I first wake up and seems to be connected to hunger.
The noise is similar to the fizzing that an open can of coca cola would make.
It is definitely coming from the back of my head/top of neck
Do you have any idea what this might be?


The fizzing sound you hear can be due to any of the following causes:

- A chiari malformation - this is a malformation in the brain which causes rushes of spinal fluid at the base of the neck. It is also associated to some extent with pressure headaches and nausea. A mild chiari malformation can cause no other symptoms and do not need any treatment.

- Irritation of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve innervates a large number of organs, including the stomach and the larynx (throat). If the nerve is irritated, especially due to acid reflux ( which is common in the early morning), it can cause a reflux irritation in the eustachian tube which can present as a strange noise in and around the ear.

- Other conditions in the inner ear like infections can also cause these type of sensations.

Please consult an ENT specialist as well as a neurologist for a thorough checkup.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your response.
I also experience light headedness and grainy vision, do you think this could be connected to a potential chiari malformation?
Is there any lifestyle changes etc that would help improve chiari symptoms?

Yes, lightheadedness and grainy vision can be symptoms of a chiari malformation. But they could also be due to problems with the eyes, especially if you occasionaly have eye twitches or migraines behind the eyes.

Lifestyle changes would not affect a chiari malformation directly. But obesity, poor posture, hypertension can cause the symptoms of chiari malformation to increase. So, lifestyle changes - diet, exercise etc. - to control these conditions can also reduce chiari symptoms to some extent.

I hope this helps.

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