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Dr. Phil, MD
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Past 4 yrs have big cisit left under stamak been houspital

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Past 4 yrs have big cisit left under stamak been houspital told it bowal? Had op 2001 homered remove I night keep st Maris h but no antobutic still pain remove last yr 2 in said suppose seen in endoscopy again after 3 moth noting don?just rang me no letter for u goat forget time'now worse canot go to gp even got housing problom only woman next door and above alcolic jail all on craim set up to kill innocent lost because support gang more and we becom homeless I would like to remove left cisit 2 in kidney too and other harniya behind heart I been ok sine set up gang 24 h bombardaman even gran son injury baby Bourne 7 moths newly killd told u got 2 bed move to I bed how 3 gran son other son wife from armi how stopid just for woman citing Daly claim singal mums all f t job cheating harm people we never mix w gang,enemy lis,

Thanks for this question

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Bowal and cisit stop me to wake even at home to hard nhs agnor all only endoscopy 15/5/29 calls worse Olso other endoscopy mask newly kill me I have to fines have my flat belong to kids need future 17 yrs spend a lot right to buy office evil doing harm turure too to not buy it put people in St we had flat sister I vast too lost by same gang culture Barbary been abroad rented with our parmations by friend move out with all money had keys trust her mastak in 1994 lost in octions,,price now £2'ml they been same council pravite didn't rent give to landlord my sister account no pani lost all in woman St workers refuge all 15 people 3000 f q now kill us for 65 meter then staf visit next door to push us out lis even mintaly if 72 days can lock door really criminals man dirty use service next door am,plenty young poor scarem for their fee she's use them in party dicostic all happen then told they r free at home us canot family visiter bang our door open who's in yr flat my son my nice look after me gran son only we got told nasty man Mr modi to my broker not help me r to buy end hell??

Thank you for this thorough reply

I'm having trouble finding what your question is

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks may can remove cisit or live it some midden gas trophy dabitic Olso becoase of housing nasty dirty staf abuse positions visit dirty woman has 2 husband too all crap for incom mafia harm other people befor us worse man kill hem self no one help then police bracken seen blood in gardens cat hem self poor man nice class always target of loclass dirty Barbary got country Vila £1000 incom week partenirs dss mintaly too all greedy scar we report her via taxi alcolic Vila Morocco portghal and harm widnesass we r lock in canot call*****even call soliceter why waiting housing support gang?lied,

where is the cyst?

if it is a cyst then it probably is benign and doesn't need to be removed in most cases

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Bowal and left said age size I got cd can posted 4 last one plant buy from nhs for pravite houspital even didn't tell me got loung dasass?? No smoking no alcol ? All Strauss turture by housing staf need woman next door told above in 08/2/23 to drop havi matal 24 h full slep son tellin nana banging we r not criminal to do the same or wors,,,we just grow up good family

I am not sure

the cyst is on the bowel?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My sons been boarding school payed £4000 for them on term lost country by dirty ravalitions and war here worse past 17 yrs lost home because of lis manger w9 abut us not move to be free service sham mintaly h told move or we keep u here my son gran son was there soliciters not working in this dirty case gang set up 24 h spy lis?? Put shat or boys nikat by my windows I send fotos all to r to buy last week now only Chang need woman staf h move if agree or self defines nothing to lose,stilling Al,

I can't understand that post. I'm sorry

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Long dasass Turkey Dr cd too prof here told no prof my gp Dr jif told yes u got it I need tertment plz 2 cisit and ston in kidney charg cros told if no pain live them but Left back pain a lot parstmal have in 3 h I only scar to 2 heart poplotins? 2 knes gon I finger cat by accedent Swiss I gran son stading canot in this are w9 a lot of knife cram only attack good family who agnor bad criminals he flay home call me nerviss too scar of flay hope flat keep Chang I move to other country law scrounge r canot call police who has importen job housing w9 call complain put fon dowan. Dirty all dashi staf good run way other area all visit in garden sorry evin soliciters w2 so sorry living in that house nw6 5 le,,,had problom why give it to us we been in hotel no justic in Westminster all employed same people gang,,,shouid not lasan to Barbary dashi all what they don to us for benefit thef all
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry dear got a lot of in my head good I speak some but all eyes damage by 24 h ham am too daisy almost kill by 65 meter our house was 3000 ft sq 2000 rented run to spen we pay refuge 2£2000 cash deposit to get out some frnesh sold at less now 2ml price had £280 morgeg only that time lo corancy could brang from Iran,sorry for all that money spend in past some in property's rasation lost all any way thanks if op in local a antic or small full Arctic but got blading problom if injury??gp stop housing dirty plan to take me to dasabaltys ad dolt ajcation all r crizi shouid tertment use woman 10 visiter Daly told they free

It sounds like you are having a rough time. I'm sorry to hear that.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Told stmaris w2 cist stak in my left under stamak but give now I buy most scar to go wanted keep me ? last week give uran,didn't send letters ? Just worked don test may infractions at night lo a lot manger mid all center kilbourn thing found out who is my go send injury harniya any way hop aim ok not going Dr until flat surt out nasty thing it 65 to big my gran son Swiss need flat to live 8 langug spiking next yr university London I only thing of hem to expinsave to buy more 02 was this £85000" a lot of intefaring U.S. Now valu £450'000 discount too,,but looks daji,need lawyer help us scar live house don same 2 woman slep in St artist young call them mantal same gang morocos working by housing to be free on sex trafiking Young,I Spock to one stand my windows give hit £10" taxi she use by pimp on business 25 yrs,and All woman Arab julicy to good Al at home a lot of picpocat same culture,,round London shock moslim? R vahabi jalici to sha clin life all dashi gang,15 ,16 yrs, dither start with mum,bad,,,thanks,

That sounds very difficult

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dr thanks but if u in any houspital I can visit u have cheap and see all,cd too or can new one last 8 weeks go ha mirth houspital uroloji refer me told if pain go as margin I scar to go nhs with housing bad manger I seen all day in my Nextel door then told her drop shat bag at my door didn't know iam watch in window gran flor flat price £750 ,000' move in was £68'000 big mastak all bad woman business dirty stop us could buy cash from low carney that time now hand of soliciters w9 sorry for me canot get morgeg bank agree all but housing julicy stop or Harding frod came told all told me u free to all,,

Don't you have NHS?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Got nhs doing nothing

why not

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
2 knows need replasment R had romatemtropi 07/5/23 09/1/11 had injury ha I matal drop by alcolic above my flat 7 stat to alcol 9 he want slep then we have to be shut up I need news lo ceiling wood flour they got 11pm amblance police ccu 2 day heart riski told by prf spencer st Maris h stop job got a lot of pain havi cannot move son help some times just I finesh flat then get out of evil julicy to good people had eye op cist,remove by 4 Dr caring I got h Dr in Turkey very kind to all not charge a lot insure payed them,,they 3 yrs teret me go here lasan to housing man who abuse woman alon not right no law to pro takin even pay no legal adds they scar to court guilty normali same same case Jag charge housing damp Hearst people dasablty
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Plany cist since /10/09 housing turture U.S. 08/2/23 by gang criminals,,sorry my memory gon spalling gon too told son buy much in splint,,for letters,,in case need. kidneys just invate me Charing cros For op then told yr pain left said under stamak ,seen all same day got all letter if tex email I send all now Dr Hana,I told all abut housing harstment and gang set up 24 h hell life we never scar I seen wors in war but no one can harst,woman kill them,or open people door landlord cannot come without court order All Dr good god bless them my cousin was Dr help a lot no charge poor give cash to buy midecen too rejem Scouse*****as comonism why help poor yes no shows even most Arab any way 1980 excoutions 4 myHe put endoscopy on bag shoulder seen all 4 times uroloji spoutment St Maris agnor all send home seen other to old had op lazar good didn't for me my friend 2 yrs back pain only pain killers day went to Chalse,Westminster 3 pm she was waking nice then give her morfin I went shop by her some food flouwer no one in room aske where's my 38 yrs friend gon to frizer told she had cancer didn't tell her send her by morfin,very sad,still I fill bad not tell ? My long dasass all from damp flood agnor reapers 8 yrs 65 meter want s kill us sham,,
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi nhs crowded 4 h waiting only heart regent caring pain killers or if cough give unti Buick no even lazar opratins stop can vanesh,by midden even no good crime for bowal relief pain or stamac food stok past 2 yrs endoscopy 3 yrs ago by Masag seen all get angry told plz Chang gp housing manger raliship with next door dirty p woman,lis acting drop bag want fight then use untisouchal behave by propose use for victoms who injured by gang St up past 8 yrs call my gp to refer mintaly I stop rap going on I past news to gp any happen to me I will su u too 2 yrs new gp I give all steatment with prof all dss came as signal mums and ful time husband order staf in my flat loan laptop bank all keep for court many staf call co take back God ponesh,
I'm sorry im not sure how to help u
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dr jif she manger of kilbourne midecal centre 2 yrs ago told don't envolt my housing problem who want put me in old house I dint have life 17 yrs only suffering and lock in 24 bombardaman still same evil acolic above set up by housing manger who use power am use service 2 then aren't all to move us we wanted to buy now a lot £350 we have to pay need cash but still rented people movin has problom with gang so better to Chang smolir for my gran sons future who burn need flat I will die or get out if I stay scar very angers canot forgive them what they don most housing staf gang too from jail give them job all African,,no class never open door police ad as U.S. 81/ came we put money in bank 79 £300'000 to start business all gon lost
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
God bless you ,,have good weekend sorry I talk a lot law to saft gang working adve a lot spy next door always in pepper send them this not right cost nhs gang spy set up lis all gang to cover up thei craim only tell the gang scar it to killin people round all. sure got cist if I go abroad lazar may help need local ansitic Lomp back remove no pain at all Strauss calls cist,lemon hot water remove all stamak pain too compasation give midecen ok nigh any way pry God help us from evil,round,

you have a good weekend too

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks cannot help need justic only su who injuring to death dasass by drty spiky plan innocent who lost a lot,,I got soliciter Meyer us help me tomorrow meting he knows us past 30 yrs all fill sorry of criminal activetive and saft law planty gang supported because set up all sham,thanks,and God bless you alllllllll,

you too