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Dr. David
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I have suffered a sore throat, hoarseness and cough for 4

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I have suffered a sore throat, hoarseness and cough for 4 months. I woke up with a sore throat one day and had typical cold symptoms.
But the throat and hoarseness symptoms didn’t go away my Doctor prescribed Clarithromycin 250mgs BD. After five tablets my voice was coming back to normal but I had bad muscle pain and severe backache which made me feel very ill. GP changed the antibiotic to Doxycycline which didn’t get rid of the sore throat. he took a throat swab in which their was no pathogens isolated.
The GP referred me to the ENT specialist and he said there was no cancer. He said it was acid reflux causing the sore throat and hoarseness.
I have a history of acid reflux for the last 18 years. However, during this period since the sore throat I have never had any acid. So maybe it might be LPR, I have sent for a Peptest.
Am due next month for a endoscopy.
My throat was so bad and painful I decided to start on the Clarithromycin again and just as before after a few tablets my voice came back again but the same side effects with the excruciating back pain.
I went to the GP and I told him I thought this is an infection and probably not LPR. He said to continue with the Clarithromycin seeing that my voice was coming back. I informed him that I couldn’t take this drug with these side effects which may lead to serious consequences, although it is rare. The muscle pain is quite bad and dosen’t go away for a long time.
He duly prescribed erythromycin and Nystan which are doing nothing so far. Only two days taking them but my sore throat is a lot worse since stopping the Clarithromycin.
If the Erythromycin doesn’t get rid of the infection please can you give your professional opinion as to what do next or what your advice might be? Sorry about the long question.

This is Dr. David

the throat swab didn't show a bacterial infection.

the ENT doctor looked down there and saw acid reflux damage to the throat.

you have had a history of acid reflux damage.

your throat and esophagus nerves could be damaged from repeated acid reflux so you may not even been feeling the acid reflux anymore

taking antibiotic can help decrease inflammation in your body and that could be why after a few tablets your voice got better.

but you need to work on decreasing this acid reflux.

avoid fatty foods, alcohol, tomato sauces, fried foods, large meals, eating close to bed time, sodas,

and you need stomach acid blockers to decrease stomach acid.

I don't think the clarithromycin is the answer to your throat and voice issues.

you may need to sleep on an incline foam wedge to help let gravity keep stomach acid down in your stomach.

weight loss and increased exercise and improved core muscle strength can help keep stomach acid down in your stomach as well.

let me know if you have questions.

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