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I have been suffering from earache for 2 x weeks. I

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Hi. I have been suffering from earache for 2 x weeks. I regularly get swimmers ear but in this instance this has been replaced with a pressure like feel in the ear, as if something is swollen. There is no fluid or discharge. I have been taking painkillers, during which time the pain is relieved temporarily. A short sharp pain occurs when I yawn, blow my nose or eat. My doctor prescribed an Otomize spray which I have been using for a full week but has made no difference. The lingering pain often travels from the ear down into my jaw and sometimes brings on a headache. My doctor examined me bit with having a narrow canal he was unable to see the ear drum. I am due to go on holiday in another 2 weeks and am obviously hoping this can be resolved soon. Any advice would be appreciated.

Dear customer,

Do you have these symptoms in both the ears. Is your hearing diminished or normal?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My left ear suffers from titinus but it is my right ear currently giving problems. The hearing in this right ear is slightly diminished but otherwise normal.

Dear customer,

Thanks for your reply.

Basically your symptoms are most likely due to eustachian tube blockage. These eustachian tubes which run between the middle of your ears and the back of your nose have become obstructed. An upper respiratory infection or allergy can block them, causing the accumulation of fluids in the middle ear, thereby causing the pain. Or the pain may be due to a middle ear infection as well or middle ear inflammation with effusion and may need antibiotics for a cure. Therefore I would recommend going to your doctor or another doctor or an ENT surgeon and have the ear examined since it is very important the an infection should be looked for and treated with antibiotics if present to prevent complications. So now the next step is likely antibiotics since you have had no response to the spray.

You may also try to take a deep breath and try to blow out of your nose gently while pinching your nostrils closed and keeping your mouth shut. This is likely to open your eustachian tubes. Please try this, but if it is painful avoid it.

Take care.

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